Rock, Paper...

A site specific work where I used lifestyle magazines as a metaphor for how society and culture can occupy us, turning it into paper pulp as a visceral material to work with by hand.


In November 2017 I participated in a group exhibition at the Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church.  This pushed me to work beyond my usual concerns to make a work that responded to the space itself.  The piece I made resulted from reflecting on a particular way that we interact with the world, the footprint, as metaphor for our fleeting time on earth and how little of ourselves we leave behind.  The material I used to create my footprints and the installation Rock, Paper was pulped lifestyle magazines.  I chose this medium as these magazines sell to us a perfect life, one in which we can enjoy "wellness" and "youth" without end, perpetually in some perfect 30 something moment.  

Copyright © Andrea Arnold 2020

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