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I am obsessed with embodied experience as a sense of inhabiting the body and as a sense of engagement with the external.  I work with two aspects of this, the movement of the whole body in space and the use of the hands as a bridge between the inner and outer worlds.


For me it is the ability to touch that makes the world real and hence gives me my sense of place.  At the same time I am engaged with what it is to occupy space and how we occupy space both in terms of the faculties that we use and behaviourally.  In my 2D practice (painting, drawing, digital collage) I am currently circling around ways of representing the sense of dis-quiet that may creep in below awareness as we navigate our way around the City.  Simultaneously I am seeking ways of exploring this sense in my own body via performative action.


(Project Working Title)

Choreographic Pyramids.jpg
Disquiet Private Pyramids 1.jpg
Dis-Quiet 6.JPG

Hands and what we do with them...


Disquiet Private (RAID) Sept 20.jpg

Sense by Sense (Sound):

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