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On the Occupation of Space

...the first skill needed is the one that Aristotle named – that of discovering the right method for a particular enquiry.

[pg 114 Wisdom, Information and Wonder: What is Knowledge for? Mary Midgeley]

My current research focuses on the nature of embodied experience in the city and our interaction with the spaces that are apparently available to us for occupation in that setting.  I came to this research via my own interest in the Occupation of Space, how we do this, what processes do we perform to be able to do so both physically and in our social performance.


As a starting point I am developing a methodology for investigating any space that can be used across a number of different spaces to compare and contrast the experience.  I am particularly interested in how I might subsequently synthesise this experience within my imagination using that combination of sensorial input and feeling that creates our experience of our experience on a daily basis.

In the background I am researching urban design and developments in the field of placemaking particularly with reference to the voices of those who feel uncomfortable or unwelcome in the spaces that have been designed and the approaches adopted.


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