To Pay Attention

My audio work focusses on understanding what it is that I am doing as I carry out these processes.  By “what it is” I am seeking to make explicit the experience of these actions through inhabiting the senses in the moment.


The idea that first came to me related to the experience of touching.  Touching the object being drawn with the eyes, holding the pencil and then touching the paper with the tip of the pencil.  So the experience of looking at the object is translated through the encompassing sight, via the brain to the hand and transmitted through the pencil to the paper.  This is the sensuality of drawing.


In seeking to understand “what I am doing” when I draw I initially returned again to certain drawing exercises: touching the object and drawing (eyes closed), looking and drawing (but not at the paper), 


I am fascinated by the unconscious dialogue that takes place between my eye, my brain and my hand when I am drawing.  I have been seeking to make explicit how I am processing whilst this is taking place.  Speaking my thoughts in words whilst physically drawing proving difficult, in part because the content of the drawing becomes a distraction.  So, I split the process out into stages.  In the end I was observing my actions as I carried out an imaginary drawing with my eyes closed.  


What is the dialogue between the paper and the hand?  Can it be captured?  By me?