The Act of Speech

Artist Statement:

The modes that are key for me are the visual and the kinaesthetic, the awareness of the body in space [...] contrasting what I see with the eye of the camera and using video as an exploratory tool to break down action.


The Act of Speech is about another way of looking at the face.  It throws back to a few years ago when I did a workshop where we drew each other while we were talking.  When talking our faces are animated, there is a constant flicker or micro-expressions that flitter across the face and are quickly replaced by another.  Attempting to draw whilst this takes place is difficult but introduces the face of the other in a very different way.  Normally we are not conscious of looking at each one of these fleeting expressions but do intuit from them.  The Act of Speech was an attempt at freezing the individual expressions as they pass by in order to look at them.


The sequence is of exported stills.  I have studied these intending to step forwards into a new sequence of drawings but then stepped back again.  Where does this leave the voice, the breath, the embodiment of speech?