Drawing in the Mind

The modes that are key for me are the visual and the kinaesthetic, the awareness of the body in space [...] contrasting what I see with the eye of the camera and using video as an exploratory tool to break down action.

I wanted to observe what was happening when I was performing blind touch drawings.   When drawing in the imagination I could feel that my drawing hand was travelling so much further than when I was actually tracing marks on paper.  These videos have no narration as I have found it difficult to multi task on these different ways of looking and acting.

The video files show how, absent a surface to keep it in one plane, my drawing hand becomes lost in space, becoming attached to the actions of the tracing hand but without the order imposed by an observing mind seeking to control its outcomes.  And yet there are so many things that I do without having to observe what my hand does to be able to do them.  At first I questioned what was happening: I can write, type, play a musical instrument without looking at my hands so how come my hand becomes so wayward when I draw without looking?  Each of these activities though incorporates feedback through touch which drawing at an imaginary easel does not.