To Have and to Hold

My practice reflects on the headings the desire of touch and the loss of forgetting, moving between forms as I seek to express my key concepts.

My making moves between:

  • use of my own body to explore space through movement, the physicality of the body in occupying space and the daily feats of ability that I take for granted


       Learning to Walk

  • the camera as an investigative tool using long exposures and increased depth of field,

       Ephemerality of Gesture

  • mixing digital, handprints and drawing into paint to reflect our movement from virtual to real and back in ways that we barely notice:

       Touch Structures

       Hold Structures

  • working in three dimensions as I reflect on what it is to occupy space


       On the Occupation of Space

  • considering ephemerality in general human terms

       Rock Paper...

And before that:

  • pencil and paper,


       Sometimes I feel the pencil moving on my skin

  • use of the camera and scanner to bypass the eyes filter, and also to work with a narrow depth of field


       Eye vs Eye


       Eye of the Scanner (Gallery)

Further back:


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