I have been making art for a lot of years now so am well able to fulfil that other definition of an artist: "someone with a storage problem".  As my practice moves on over time, older works have been destroyed, remade as documentation or recycled (upcycled?) into new works.  It is the work that is made in digital form that seems to survive these regular culls more readily as every few years I acquire a new computer (and back up storage) with an ever larger hard drive...

Although my specific focus may change as I slip from 2D to 3D and back with regular sprinklings of sound recordings and video there are a few works that stay with me, hovering at the back of my mind as investigations that I may well return to as part of my wider practice:

  • use of video to observe and still action, and

The Act of Speech (stills)

Drawing in the mind (video)

  • inhabiting the senses through audio

To Pay Attention

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