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Adopted Spaces

My current research focuses on the nature of embodied experience in the city and our interaction with the spaces that are apparently available to us for occupation in that setting.

In order to develop my methodology I have selected certain spaces for individual projects and started working, responding to my own responses as I go along. 

In developing my approach I am grateful to have learnt various methods on a number of courses and workshops that I have attended:


Siobhan Davis Dance Adult Choreography Course with Nicola Conibere:


Improvisation Workshop “Walking into Being” with Tony Arties:


Workshop “Architecture Embodied” with Clod Ensemble at the Wellcome Collection:

"Small Acts of Being" Workshop with Heather Barnett, Sarah Christie and philosopher Betti Marenko

"Moving with the City" with Alisa Oleva organised by Open City

"Touching Matters" at Siobhan Davis Dance by Charlotte Spencer Projects​

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